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Norwegian brand

A new Norwegian brand of personal care products.

TAAT cosmetics are made of unique compositions of natural ingredients obtained only from certified crops. Thanks to this, you can be sure that they are natural in every way.

Behind the TAAT brand is a team of experienced cosmetologists who regularly participate in scientific conferences and symposia. Thanks to them, knowledge of them gives us natural cosmetic solutions. In addition, they cooperate with laboratories all over the world, which also makes TAAT products good and effective.


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Collaborates with us

Reliable partners

We work with laboratories around the world to collectively update our progress in achieving our goals with the right range of substances that we use to make cosmetics.

Made in Norway

It is here in Scandinavia that the philosophy of coziness was created, which is about celebrating small moments and finding joy in all aspects of life.

100% natural product

We collaborate with laboratories around the world to jointly update our progress towards achieving our goals in the correct selection of substances that we use to make cosmetics. We create cosmetics from natural products, which are obtained as valuable ingredients.