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Information about us:


The website is operated by TAAT AS.


1 – General terms and conditions




The Terms of Use apply to any use of the Website.




The services offered on the website are provided by TAAT AS


2 – Access to the Website




Access to the website is granted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right, regardless of the reason and at any time, to withdraw or change the services we offer on the website, without notice to you. We will not be liable on any basis if the website is unavailable at any given time or for any period.




From time to time, we will be able to reserve access to certain parts of the website for users who have registered with us.


3 – Trust in the information that emerges


We do our utmost to ensure that the information on the Website is current, accurate and up to date at the time of publication, but we make no warranties, conditions as to the reliability, accuracy and completeness of this information. We disclaim liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage resulting from the use of the website, including any action taken in reliance on information contained therein. However, this does not affect our liability for death or personal injury as a result of negligence on our part, nor related to fraud or failure to provide information on fundamental matters, any other liability which according to the law can not be waived.


4 – Privacy and information related to you and your use of the Website


We process your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. By using the website, you consent to such processing and confirm that the personal information you have provided to us is correct. Please read our privacy policy carefully.


5 – Guidelines for intellectual property rights




We are the owner and right holder of all intellectual property rights associated with the website, including material published there. All material is protected by copyright and trademark laws as well as treaties around the world. We reserve all such rights.




You may not infringe any intellectual property rights related to the production, design, labeling or packaging of the products marketed on the Website, nor make changes to such products provided by the Group (TAAT), unless obtained prior written approval or license from us or our licensors .




Use of the Website does not constitute a license to use registered or unregistered trademarks owned by, or licensed to, the Group (TAAT). This includes, but is not limited to, the words and logos and any other brand promoted on the Website.




You have the opportunity to download, and print, excerpts from the website for your own, non-commercial use. Any other use of the website, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transfer, republishing, display or presentation of the content on the website, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of TAAT AS.




You may not create and / or publish your own database that contains significant amounts of content from the website, without the prior written consent of TAAT AS.


6 – Rules for the use of content


You are not allowed to use content from the website for commercial use without express written permission from TAAT AS and you are obliged to respect trademark rights, copyrights and other ownership restrictions and licenses on the website.


7 – Viruses, hacking, and other violations




You must not misuse the Website by introducing viruses, Trojans, data worms, logic bombs, corrupted data or any other harmful or technologically damaging material. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website, the server where the Website is stored or any other server, computer or database associated with the Website. You must not subject the website to so-called “denial-of-service” attacks or “distributed denial-of-service” attacks.




In case of violation of clause 7.1 commits an offense. We will report any such violation to the appropriate law enforcement agency and we will cooperate with them by disclosing your identity.




We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a “denial-of-service” attack, virus or other technologically damaging material transmitted to computer equipment, computer programs, data or other protected material as a result of your use of the website, including downloading material from the website or other websites linked to it.


8 – Links to the Website




You may create links to our website, provided you do so in a proper and lawful manner that does not harm or exploit our reputation. Such linking must be in accordance with our intellectual property guidelines set out in clause 5 above. . You may not link to where your website contains information that is tasteless, provocative, controversial or infringes intellectual property or other people’s rights, or that is otherwise not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.




You must not create a link from a website that you do not own.




It must not “frame” the website to other websites.




You must not create a link to any part of the Website other than the Website.




We reserve the right, for any reason and at any time, to withdraw any permission to create links, without prior notice to you.


9 – Links from the Website


If one site has links to other websites and resources offered by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only. A link to another website does not imply, and does not express, our endorsement of this publisher, products or services. We have no control over the content of the relevant pages, and are not responsible for these. We are also not responsible for any loss or damage that arises as a result of your use of the pages, or actions taken in reliance on the content of these pages.


10 – Changes to the Website


The Group (TAAT) reserves the right to make changes to the website, guidelines and these terms of use at any time, regardless of the reason. You are obliged to comply with the current terms of use for the website. You should periodically review the website to familiarize yourself with the applicable terms of use.


11 – Indemnification


You agree to indemnify the Group (TAAT) for any legal action against it, to the extent that such prosecution arises as a result of your use of the Website in violation of the Terms of Use. This also includes the intellectual property rights policy (as set out in clause 5), or any other claim for infringement of third party intellectual property rights, or any claim of defamation resulting from your use of the Website, including information you post on the Website.


12 – Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability




You agree that access to the Website, including the content, is provided free of charge. The Group is not liable to you or others, for loss or damage of any kind, which may occur as a result of unauthorized use of the website, including the use of information from there.




The website is intended for use in Norway. The Group (TAAT) does not guarantee that products referenced on the website are suitable for use, or available, outside Norway. Those who use the site outside Norway are themselves responsible for compliance with national laws to the extent that such are applied.




By using the website, you accept these terms of use and limitations of liability defined by the Group (TAAT). Group (TAAT). reserves the right to change the terms of use and limitations of liability and will publish a notice on the website when this happens.




Group (TAAT). does not limit and limit its liability for fraudulent acts, deaths or personal injury that may arise from negligent conduct by the Group (TAAT), its board members, employees, partners, other representatives of the Group, or other liability that can not be waived by law.




Group (TAAT). will do its utmost to ensure that the website is fully operational. However, the nature of the Internet means that the Group (TAAT). can not guarantee that the website is without delays, interruptions or errors.


13 – Waiver


If you violate these Terms of Use and we do not take any action, we will still retain our rights and remedies for any other situation where you breach the Terms of Use.


14 – General




If any of the Terms of Use are deemed invalid, waived or otherwise unenforceable, this Terms shall be deemed separate from the others, and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms.




The website is offered “as is”. Group (TAAT). makes no warranties or representations of any kind, to the extent permitted by law. Group (TAAT). does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the website or information or content on it, including that it is free from errors and viruses.


15 – Jurisdiction and choice of law


The terms of use shall be formulated in accordance with Norwegian legislation. Disputes that arise in connection with the Terms of Use or when using the Website are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Norwegian courts.