Black Serie

Inspired Scandinavian cosmetology

It is a combination of exceptional ingredients, combined with the achievements of Scandinavian cosmetology.
All the ingredients they contain are natural and do not interfere with the skin’s natural processes.
It is a product with a unique composition of ingredients.
The cream’s biggest benefit is its innovative, concentrated formula.

TAAT active foot cream is an offer for people who struggle with, among other things, dryness, roughness and hardness.
TAAT hand cream is a composition of active ingredients: natural collagen, beneficial shea butter and fruit plant extracts. It is an excellent choice for people whose hands are exposed to harmful external factors, including high pH in detergents or other chemical ingredients.
TAAT face cream has vitalizing and protective properties. It cleanses the pores and normalizes the secretion of sebum, and deeply restructures the skin.
Fall in love with Norway’s natural treasures.
Wrap your skin with the best.