About us

Who we are?

TAAT is a Norwegian manufacturer and brand of body care products. 

TAAT produces cosmetics and body care products primarily for women, but is also expanding into products for men.

OUR Story

Established in 2018.

We are a modern company in the heart of Norway’s Hardanger Fjord, Ålvik. This is where the idea was born and here our laboratory was created. From the beginning of its existence, TAAT relies on natural ingredients on which our products are based are composed of a large amount of complex substances. The action of the main substances is strengthened by other additional compounds that do not disturb the skin microflora, inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria, intensively nourish and care for the epidermis and help in the process of epidermis reconstruction. All of the ingredients used in products of TAAT are natural and extracted from plants, they have a long tradition of use. Even before the development of cosmetics, their healing and therapeutic properties were appreciated.


The constant development and analysis of new technologies, provide us with the opportunity to achieve the desired effects, reaching the maximum degree of harmony with nature. It is worth mentioning that our chemicals are composed only from active substances – a large amount of these substances are natural elements which are perfectly absorbed by the skin without damaging it.

Our mission

We work with laboratories around the world to jointly update our progress in achieving our goals in the field of properly selected substances that we use to create cosmetics. We create cosmetics from natural products from which its valuable ingredients are extracted. They come from reputable, certified crops, and the ingredients improve the consistency and ensure the uniformity of the formula. Our priority and objective, as well as the fundamental principle of our company, is to develop high-quality, scientifically proven products that are safe for consumers. We are convinced that every cosmetic should be based on the latest research results and a thorough analysis of the needs of our clients, who want to offer their best. We use only active ingredients of natural origin in TAAT products. They have been thoroughly tested and selected by leading researchers around the world. Every raw material undergoes rigorous tests before use in our laboratories.

“… We operate in accordance with the motto: I am a customer: therefore we do not want to sell products that we are not satisfied with ourselves, but only products for which we can vouch for …

… TAAT wants to offer quality instead of quantity …”

Trygve Osmo DY


Reliable partners

We work with laboratories around the world to collectively update our progress in achieving our goals with the right range of substances that we use to make cosmetics.

Made in Norway

It is here in Scandinavia that the philosophy of coziness was created, which is about celebrating small moments and finding joy in all aspects of life.

100% natural product

We collaborate with laboratories around the world to jointly update our progress towards achieving our goals in the correct selection of substances that we use to make cosmetics. We create cosmetics from natural products, which are obtained as valuable ingredients.


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